What equipment does Andrew use to record interviews?

The equipment changes, but here's the basic rundown.

Mic: Rode Podcaster
Computer: iMac
Lights: Smartshoot hooked him up with a set of really good lights.

To connect: Skype
To record: Ecamm Call Recorder (Get Andrew's recommended settings.)
To edit: ScreenFlow
To publish: Wistia

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Update: a few people asked about why Mixergy recordings don't have an echo. We eliminate echo in a few ways:
1) Skype has built-in echo-canceling features
2) Andrew keeps the volume his computer low, so his mic won't pick it up. (The guest does the same thing.)
3) Andrew monitors the audio levels using Call Recorder (see above)

It's not perfect, and sometimes you can actually hear an echo, but it works pretty well.

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